Fortune Cookies is a modern way to encourage.

We work together to design, create and produce Fortune Cookies that we are proud to encourage the world. We create sometimes funny, sometimes prophetic encouraging words that you can send to your friends or family.


In January 2021, while serving as working members at Cardashift project on Cardano, a launchpad, Ben and Josh met and became friends, sharing a love of art, cryptocurrencies, and cook. With the help of their friends, they formed Fortune Cookies, a diverse, draw-it-by-computer, make-it-from-scratch, do-it-together creative studio, in a room they built above the shop’s artisan.

In the previous years, Fortune Cookies has worked on a wide array of unique projects with some of the best people from the Central Europe and beyond. We strive to keep our work unique and smart, with room for a little magic, such as sending personalized Fortune Cookies as NFTs. You can find us anywhere, and if you like the project, we'd love to work with you. Feel free to drop us a line, here.